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How to Promote?

✅ Tell your classmates about our website and notes.
✅ Suggest our website and notes to peers in your tuition classes.
✅ Showcase our banners on your website, WhatsApp, and social media profiles.
✅ Share our banners in WhatsApp groups and social media communities.
✅ Put up printed notes on walls and public areas.
✅ Write articles about our notes on your blogs and websites.
✅ Create videos and tutorials on YouTube featuring our content.
✅ Prompt your email subscribers to discover and interact with our platform.


How does it work?  

Spread our banners, website links, and notes links in schools and tuition classes among others. When they make a purchase, you can earn a commission of up to 50 rupees for every sale you refer!


Is there a minimum payout?

Yes, you must accumulate at least ₹500 in confirmed commissions to be eligible for payment.


How do I get paid?

Once your affiliate application gets approved, we'll ask for your mobile number to process payments. The payments will be directly transferred to the mobile number you've linked with us.


Earning Opportunities

1 Referral: ₹50

10 Referrals: ₹500

100 Referrals: ₹5,000

1,000 Referrals: ₹50,000

10,000 Referrals: ₹500,000

100,000 Referrals: ₹5,000,000


*Extra Bonus for Every 1,000 Referrals = ₹10,000.


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